News and other Exciting Tidbits

10th June, 2018 -Thunderbird Models is relocating! After much deliberation I have decided to move back to Canada. There are various business and personal reasons that I won't get into here, but after 20+ years in the UK I've decided the time has come to return to my roots. What will this mean for Thunderbird Models you ask? Good question, thanks for asking. I will be shutting down TBM as a UK based corporate entity and re-starting it on the other side of the Atlantic. This will of course not be an overnight procedure and there will be a protracted period when products may not be available to order direct. The new products that have been announced are on hold until further notice.

The move will not take place for at least a couple of months and the site should be up and running throughout most of that time. So for the next few weeks at least it will be business as usual, though please bear with me if your order takes a bit longer than usual to process, obviously I will be just a bit busy with other things! Once the move has taken place I will re-start the business as soon as I can and the same products will again be available, plus new ones as they are ready. Watch this space for updates...

1st April, 2018 - After much deliberation I have decided to sell off a large portion of my personal model collection. No foolin'! I simply don't have the time to build much these days and I'm finding when I do sit down at the workbench it's often more of a frustrating experience than a relaxing one. So the time has come, many of them will just have to find new homes. I will therefore be listing kits, decals, accessories, and books on a daily basis, some new, some not so new. Though primarily aircraft, there will also be many armour, naval, figures, sci fi/real space and automotive subjects. Many of these will be long out of production and, dare I say it, possibly even quite rare so now's your chance to grab some much sought after goodies. Please check the New Products and Pre-owned & Out of Production sections daily to see what's available.

In other news, the 1/144 PWA Boeing 737-200 decals are available to order. The 1/48 Racing Spitfire artwork is ready but I'm on the lookout for a new printer so these have been delayed slightly.

1st January, 2018 - Happy new year! Hope everyone had a great festive season. Due to various factors (ie, learning how to resin cast and life in general) I've been somewhat remiss not only with new releases but also in keeping this news section updated. I'm hoping to be able to rectify both this year.

After some lengthy teething problems, the resin parts production is now up and running and the first two are available: TBMR-001 P-26 Control Surfaces and TBMR-002 Red Arrows Hawk Tail Correction.

The next set of decals has gone to the printers and should be available before the end of January. This will be the PWA Boeing 737-200 set for the 1/144th scale Airfix kit. The 1/48th Racing Spitfire Mk XIVe is almost print-ready, these should be done for early February.

Thunderbird Models will of course be at the annual Bolton IPMS Model Show on 28th of January, hope to see you there. This year we will be at a new venue, the Macron Stadium.

15 June, 2016 - After the recent 123-REG fiasco I have now changed to a new hosting company, which was a surprisingly painless procedure. Though the site seems a bit slow to load at times, the service has been very good so far and there is a 99.95% uptime guarantee so hopefully the past issues will soon be a distant memory. I can now get back to work on new products and in that vein the next decal release has just gone to the printer. This is for CP Air Boeing 737-200s for the 1/144 Airfix kit. I have started on the next sheet after that which will be the very popular WWA racing Mosquito but in 1/48th scale, my first in the optically challenged scale. I hope to have both out in the next 4-6 weeks.

10 Nov. 2015 - Back from a successful weekend at Scale ModelWorld in Telford. It was great to catch up with people and put some faces to names. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello. The decal range sold really well, a few people even came by with a Thunderbird Models shopping list which was very gratifying! I've already signed up for next years show and will also be attending the Huddersfield show in February as well as my usual haunt at Bolton in January.

The Canadian Pacific Airlines PBY-5a Canso decals were released at SMW and sold well, these are now available to order on the website. Sadly, due to a printing error beyond my control, the Eastern Provincial Airways ATL-98 Carvair decals were not ready in time. I'm waiting on a correction sheet which hopefully will arrive soon.

Now for the big news, as you may have seen on the front page (I couldn't make it any bigger, sorry!), I'm having a 5 year anniversary sale on all kits (except vacforms) until the end of November, 2015. Shop now to get 15% off all the major brands in stock. This is in addition to any existing sale prices so it's an opportunity for some great deals!

19 Oct. 2015 - A couple of new products to report and some due imminently. The Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker decals are available and selling well. These are for the Khee-Kha kit. Khee-Kha are based in Alaska USA and produce superb vacform kits and resin accessories for civilian aircraft and bushplanes. Thunderbird Models will be stocking the range, the first order is on its way and will hopefully be here in time for Scale ModelWorld, if UK customs and/or Parcelforce gets their fingers out for a change. The next set of decals is also due soon, these are for the 1/144 Roden ATL-98 Carvair.

I've also launched a new range of paint masks and the first is available now, for the Airfix Vickers Vanguard. More masks due for release at SMW as well as a new set of decals.

23 July, 2015 - The TCA Douglas DC-3 decals are finally ready. I'm also now stocking RAM Models decals, a new line with a distinctly British flavour.

05 May, 2015 - The 1/144th scale TCA Vanguard decals are now available. A little later than I had hoped but never mind, better late than never. I'm preparing a set of masks to go with these, they should be ready this week.
I'm also pleased to report that I am now selling the Blackbird Models line of decals which have some really interesting and slightly more obscure subjects.

09 Apr. 2015 - C-47 "Arctic Rose" decals are now available and they look great, if I do say so myself. Next up will be the TCA Vanguard in 1:144th for the recently reissued Airfix kit.

21 Feb. 2015 - The Nordair Twin Otter decals are now available. The BC Airlines Beaver decals are at the printers and should be ready in a few weeks. I've started working on some DC-3 schemes for the upcoming Airfix kit. Not saying what they are yet but I think these will be very popular!

04 Feb. 2015 - The Air BC Twin Otter decals are now available, next release will be the Nordair Twin Otter sheet which should be out in the next week or so.

04 Jan. 2015 - Happy new year everyone. Okay, a bit late I know but better late than never.

Just a few items to report today, the main one being that decal production is back in full swing and I have just sent the next two releases to the printers. Both are for the recently re-released Matchbox/Revell 1/72 Twin Otter, a kit that was previously unavailable for some time and going for silly money on everyone's favourite auction site. 72-005 has markings for Air BC aircraft with options for three different registrations while 72-006 is for Nordair aircraft. Expect them in early February. The artwork for the follow on sheet is nearly done, this will be a BC Airlines Beaver with options for early or late schemes.

I'm also pleased to report that my first resin project is ready for sale. This is a set of improved radiators for the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk. IX. And on a slightly related note, I have an article coming out in the February issue of Scale Aviation Modeller featuring this kit and these radiators.

Thunderbird Models will be at the upcoming Bolton show on Sunday, January 25th so if you're in the area please drop in and say hello.

06 Nov. 2014 - After months of slogging away at the pc every night I've just about finished restoring the site to its former glory. I still haven't got the newsletter to function, but then it didn't before the crash either so at least that's consistent. I've given up messing about with it and decided to go with MailChimp which seems to work well and is more fun than a barrel of, well, MailChimps.

Onward and upward. I've just had a sizeable delivery from Eureka XXL for sold out items and new ones, they'll be on the website in the next day or so. Also now in the shop is the new Eduard 1/48 Siemens Schuckert D.III, a very nice kit indeed. The Matchbox Twin Otter makes a reappearance from Revell and once I get back to decal production I will have some new sheets available for this kit. Stay tuned!

Finally, for those of you who do that Facebook thing it will be fairly obvious that I don't. I'm still not entirely clear just what I am supposed to with it, nonetheless I promise I will try and get some kind of fantabulous content in there on at least a weekly basis.

31 Aug. 2014 - Well, it happened again and I am not effing impressed. The server hosting this website crashed in a big way and took all my information with it. Despite having backed up all my files and having a local copy of the site I lost pretty much everything; products, customer information, order history - the lot. For some reason the back up database refused to work on the reloaded site so, for the second time in less than a year, I've had to spend weeks reloading everything from scratch. I was able to save some of the customer information via a very convoluted method involving .csv files, a lot of importing and exporting, a bit of witchcraft and an awful lot of cursing. It worked, but I don't recommend it as a relaxing hobby....

I would like to reassure everyone that at no time was any confidential information compromised and since I don't keep or have access to credit card details none of this was at risk at any time.

You will notice that a lot of the products still haven't reappeared but I'm working on it daily and will have all of them restored as soon as I can. The one bright side of this - if there is one - is that it at least forced me to inventory everything I have so all product quantities are now accurate. Hopefully I can get back to making decals very soon...

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